Curriculum Intent

“The best prophet of the future is the past.” - Lord Byron

The intent of our History Curriculum is to develop and inspire a love of learning about the subject through engaging lessons and interesting content for all pupils of all abilities. Pupils who are passionate towards History are able to understand the past, in order to appreciate how the world works today. We aim for pupils to be enthusiastic about History, to be resilient, to think for themselves and communicate about the past, showing their understanding of how history shapes our world today.

Pupils will achieve this through developing a deep knowledge and understanding of key events at local, national and global levels from the formation of Liverpool to the Cold War. The aim of this is broad curriculum is to ensure that pupils have a solid foundation of history to carry them into later life, no matter the point the stop studying it. This curriculum will be enriched through educational trips, to bring history to life. We expect our pupils to be committed to the subject, enabling them to develop key skills and second order concepts such as; chronology, cause and consequence, change and continuity, significance and interpretation of sources. Pupils should be supported no matter their need, to have confidence to engage with questions and present independent decisions, which are well-written, clearly organised and effectively supported by relevant historical evidence.

This will lead to success for pupils and the desire to take their studies further at GCSE, A-level and beyond, as by studying History, pupils can not only gain a meaningful interest in the subject, but furthermore acquire and augment a large range of transferable skills which prepare them for both Higher Education and Employment. Understanding the social, economic and political developments in the UK and abroad should allow our young people to play a greater part in today’s society and enable them to make informed political decisions in the future.

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GCSE Exam Specification

GCSE History Exam Specification

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A-Level History Exam Specification