Business Studies

Curriculum Intent

Studying business equips you with the knowledge and skills to make your way into the world of commerce and industry. Through looking at businesses of all shapes and sizes you will become aware of how businesses are owned, ran and their measures of success. At Key Stage Four the course is wide ranging and gives you the fundamental knowledge needed to understand business concepts. Starting with the synoptic elements of ownership, influences and operations; we move onto specialised units such as marketing, human resources, production and finance.

We have a variety of courses at Key Stage Five that allow learners of all types and disciplines to flourish and succeed. Our BTEC course is offered at single and double award giving students the opportunity to learn theory as well as apply this to real life businesses through research for your coursework. On these courses you will study management and leadership, finance, team building and other topics that you may use to progress to university or higher-level apprenticeship.

Our applied course takes a more academic look with case studies and relation to companies that are in the mainstream. Some of the topics you will study include how they market themselves, as well as their finances. As well as entrepreneurship and understanding roles and responsibilities and employment law in the work-place and how you are protected as consumers.

The business courses at all levels are designed so that you can access them at any point in your Maricourt journey. An interest in the world around you and the use of technology will allow you to progress in these interactive, contemporary courses. The teaching at all levels makes these courses suited to pupils who are on any pathway. Through scaffolding, the use if ICT and coursework SEND pupils find the courses accessible with the ability to progress. All courses at their core have the aim of allowing students to continuously share their real life examples to learning and make sense of the business world around them.

Cultural capital is enhanced by studying local businesses and the needs of local commerce and the labour market. This enables pupils to prepare for the future by developing the skills required to meet the needs of the economy. This is further enhanced through visits to local businesses and masterclasses delivered by entrepreneurs and employees of multi-national enterprises. In KS5 pupils’ study international businesses during a trip to New York City.

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