Curriculum Intent

Music is everywhere around us and is a daily part of many people’s lives. KS3 Music aims for pupils to be able to listen and appraise, compose and perform music from a variety of genres, time periods and styles. The Music Department is committed to fostering the development of each individual, establishing a sense of personal responsibility, respect for others and a strong sense of a self-worth in all of our pupils. Pupils will be able to interpret music when performing and will be able to communicate expression through music. They will also develop musical ideas effectively by controlling and demonstrating understanding of the musical elements through composition, whilst also responding to different musical stimuli through listening and appraising. The Music department is ambitious for all pupils and a range of meta-cognitive and QFT strategies are used to support all pupils where necessary, including MA and those with SEND. Pupils will engage actively in the process of music study and develop performing skills individually and in groups to communicate musically with fluency and control of the resources used, including technologies. They will also develop composing skills to organise musical ideas and make use of appropriate resources whilst recognising links between the integrated activities of performing, composing and appraising and how this informs the development of music. Schemes are sequenced to build on prior knowledge whilst allowing pupils to appreciate the diverse heritage of music. Along with community based context to schemes, personal, social, intellectual and cultural development are developed through a range of topics. Pupils will be able to recognise contrasting genres, styles and traditions and develop some awareness of musical chronology. Through multiple opportunities of extra-curricular clubs, classes, trips and career links, pupils can broaden their musical experience and interests, developing imagination and fostering creativity.

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GCSE Exam Specification

GCSE Music Exam Specification


Interested in studying Music at GCSE?