Links - Staff

Here you will find quick links to all the learning platforms used in school


Sign in using your school user details to access your saved school files.

Here you can log into Outlook to access your emails

Log in to Class Charts to award reward and behaviour points

Teams can be used to create collaborative class spaces, provide a virtual teaching platform, facilitate learning with assignments and feedback, and lead lesson calls with students. You should use your school e-mail address to access Teams

The National College provides multi-award-winning remote video CPD to empower school leaders & teachers.

CPOMS is used in school for monitoring safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues

EVOLVEvisits is an essential tool for planning and managing educational visits, on-site activities, after school clubs and sports fixtures


Learning Plan & Provision Map Writer


EDClass is an online education service that offers a virtual learning classroom and management portal with resources to impact learning, assessment, and catch-up.