Curriculum Overview


  • As a school community we are challenging ourselves all the time to strive to be the best and we demand that students and parents share the same aspirations.
    We have a broad and well balanced curriculum offer which aims to develop the ‘whole person’. This is combined with a caring, supportive and nurturing environment so all students can achieve their full potential. We are proud of our inclusive curriculum which is accessible to all and we have been awarded the SENDIA, SEND Inclusion Award.
  • The curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. Pupils experience the breath of subjects available and show a love of learning. Students are equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of the different curriculum areas, which allows them to make informed choices at key transition points when choosing their key stage 4 options and when making decisions post 16.
  • All our teachers are subject specialists and are passionate about engaging learners through both traditional and innovative teaching techniques. The opportunities both in and outside the classroom allow for character building and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Through STEM subjects students are encouraged to question, challenge and become deep thinkers. Through Mathematics, Science, Technology, Computing and Construction in the Built Environment, pupils are able to explore both their academic and practical potential. This allows for their ability to challenge thought, innovate and problem solve with ease. Pupils are enthusiastic in these subjects and quickly learn to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This not only allows for academic progression but also examination success.

During their time at Maricourt, pupils follow the wide range of subjects set out in the National Curriculum. All pupils study Religious Education which contributes to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and permeates all areas of the curriculum. Pupils receive high quality careers education and guidance including a timetabled Careers Education lesson throughout Year 9. In Years 10 and 11, a balance of academic and vocational options is available in addition to the core subjects. Details of subject content, teaching and learning activities, extended work and assessment in each subject are found by selecting the links below.

If you require further information about our curriculum, please contact the relevant subject leader or Mr Varey, Deputy Headteacher. (

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