Welcome to the Maricourt Chaplaincy


My name is Ken McCabe and I am the chaplain here in Maricourt. Before coming to Maricourt as a teacher and now as chaplain, I was the Roman Catholic chaplain in Liverpool Hope University in Woolton and I later worked as the chaplain in Liverpool Prison in Walton (not as scary as it sounds!!).

What I do…

In the school, I am responsible for helping to ensure that the Catholic mission and ethos of the school becomes a reality and does not just stay written on paper. In case you missed it on the main page of the school website, here it is again:

'Maricourt seeks to provide and sustain a living Catholic community which is rooted in Christian values and where growth and knowledge, respect, love and fellowship are shared by all.'

I am not the only person trying to do this – everyone in the school has a role to play in living our mission statement out every day. Specifically, I lead students and staff in times of worship, especially at important times of the year like Christmas and Easter. I also lead assemblies on various religious themes, support the RE department in their teaching, provide opportunities for prayer in our chapel and get students involved in justice and charity activities. Finally, I aim to be a caring and supportive presence for both staff and students in the school. To know more about how we live out our ethos through chaplaincy and to see some photos of what we do, follow this link: 


As part of the well-being team, I also work closely with the learning mentors. We provide a twelve-week Rainbows programme that supports our students who have experienced bereavement and loss and this has made a great difference to our young people’s lives.

If you are a student….

I am here for you. It is that simple. These are often the most exciting and challenging years of your life and they are some of the most important too. This is the time you start to really develop physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually so it can be a very uncertain time. I hope to, along with other staff, be a guide, a support and a mentor for you in this stage of your life.  My door is always open so feel free to come in and chat to me whenever you wish. 

As your chaplain, I believe what Jesus said – he came that we “could have life, life to the full” (John 10:10). It is my dream and prayer that your time with us in Maricourt will be a time in your life when you lived life to the full! 

If you are a parent/carer…

Just as it is for young people, this time of life can be a rollercoaster for you too! I hope to be able to work alongside you and make sure that your child is supported in every way possible. To do this, I work closely with the Senior Leadership Team, progress Leaders, pastoral staff, teachers and learning mentors. I believe that our Christian faith can help us face the many challenges of life and I hope to help the students of Maricourt, of all faiths and none, to deepen their awareness of this through my presence in the school.

So please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you think I can help you or your child in any way.

The journey of faith…

Whether you have been a Catholic for years or you are of a different faith or none, there is always something new to be learned! Also, you may have basic questions about the Christian Catholic faith but wonder where you can find the answers.

These links might help you understand the Christian faith more and help you in your own faith journey. For parents/carers, some of the links could be a help to you when your child asks questions about their RE homework and you are left scratching your head!!


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