At Maricourt we have high expectations for attendance and punctuality.

Every extra day of school missed is associated with lower attainment outcomes.  Missing school can also have a detrimental impact on well-being and peer relationships.

Good attendance allows our students to:

  • Increase chances of academic success
  • Participate fully in life at Maricourt
  • Maintain strong peer relationships
What is my child’s attendance?

Awareness of attendance throughout the year can be challenging for parents.  We will inform you of your child’s attendance when they receive their school reports.  We will also inform you should their attendance drop below 95% or if a student has been absent on multiple occasions.

As with all aspects of life at Maricourt, we strive to work with parents and carers to support your child to realise their potential.  Should your child’s attendance be a concern, The Attendance team, Progress Leaders or Senior Leaders will offer support to you with your child’s best interests at the centre. 

What if my child is ill?

We encourage our students to attend school even when under the weather with colds or headaches.  Missing school should be a last resort.

We recognise, however, that absence from school is sometimes unavoidable.  In these circumstances, we ask you to contact the school absence line (0151 330 3366) by 8:30am on the first day of absence.  Where absences are 5 days or more, or if your child has had previous absences, we will require medical evidence.

If a child is missing from school and we have not been informed, parents/guardians will be contacted as part of our first day response to absence. 

What if my child has low attendance?

We monitor attendance closely and will inform you if your child’s attendance is decreasing.  It is always our aim to work with families and attendance is no different.   We regularly recognise those who have excellent or improved attendance.  In addition to awards, we have a sliding scale of interventions.  Letters to inform of attendance concerns and one-to-one meetings will take place for students whose attendance starts to drop.  Should attendance continue to be a concern, Parents will be required to our internal attendance panel or referred to the Local Authority.  Our aim with any intervention is to support families to maximise the potential of our students. 


We teach our students to be punctual and believe that punctuality is vital for success in the working world.  We expect our students to be arrive on time and be in their class by the time the bell rings, allowing students to be fully involved in form and each lesson.  Should a student demonstrate poor punctuality on multiple occasions, consequences will be issued and parents informed.