Teacher Training


Initial Teaching Education Programme at Maricourt

By working collaboratively, Maricourt Catholic High School aims to provide high quality secondary Initial Teacher Training (ITT). This results from a well-co-ordinated partnership with our local providers through mutual understanding, complementary roles and responsibilities, to meet the requirements of the Partnership Agreements.

We work closely with providers such as Associated Merseyside Partnership Trust (AMP SCITT), Edgehill University and Liverpool Hope University.

Guided by the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) (DfE 2019), all Secondary ITT students at Maricourt will undertake a wide-ranging programme of support and development to ensure they adapt to the changing needs of our learners and the education system. The CCF has been designed to support development across 5 core areas – behaviour management (TS1 & TS7), pedagogy (TS2, TS4, TS5), curriculum (TS3), assessment (TS6) and professional behaviours (TS8 as well as Pt2).

All mentors receive training both internally from the Professional Mentor or externally through Partnership Providers. External moderators will visit school to work with mentors and trainees and to quality assure provision provided by school.


Successful secondary ITT programmes are rooted in excellence and collaboration, ensuring that trainees have access to the following:

  • A programme of initial professional development to widen their whole school understanding and experiences.
  • Support and guidance from experienced staff as mentors, in a supportive environment.
  • Expert subject knowledge from experienced and research-active practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with trainees
  • A first-rate professional practice experience whereby trainees gain extensive professional experience.
  • Collaboration with curriculum mentors, colleagues, curriculum and school leaders – showing collaborative planning and reflection.
  • In lesson support and training across all Key Stages, so trainees gain the widest experience possible for their future development

In providing secondary ITT, the main professional practice participants are the:


  • Trainee – An individual from a partnership institution who is studying to be a teacher and who, as part of the training, observes classroom instruction or closely supervises teaching in the School.
  • Curriculum Mentor – School-based trainer who has specific responsibilities for the professional development and mentoring of a trainee in a subject area. The subject mentor is responsible for meeting regularly with trainees and supporting training at a subject level.
  • Professional Mentor - School based trainer with more general responsibilities for the professional development of the trainees based at the school. The PM is responsible for managing the school led professional development programme and quality assurance of Initial Teacher Training
  • University Subject Tutor/SCITT Expert Practitioner - Responsible for subject support and guidance in University, or within the SCITT. They will support student teachers before, during and after the placement.
  • Partnership Visiting Quality Tutor- This is a University-based tutor or SCITT QA lead. They will support school PMs and CMs in the delivery and quality assurance of ITT within the school.

Partnership providers must ensure ITT students meet prohibition checks and suitability to work in schools e.g. DBS, Childcare Disqualification notice, Keeping Clear Standards of Education, Prevent duty guidance. See C1.3 of ITT: Criteria and Supplying Evidence Document Sept 2020 – before trainees begin placement.

For further information please contact:

Mrs L O'Meara Day (dayl@maricourt.net)

ITT Professional Mentor