Uniform and Equipment


Our traditional and distinctive uniform is easily recognisable throughout Merseyside and Sefton. We believe that encouraging students to take pride in their uniform is an important step to taking pride in their education and their school.

Our high uniform standards reflect the high standards we have for all aspects of school life and prepares our students for the competitive world of work after education.

Picture of boy and girl in uniform


Boys’ Uniform

Blazer: Maricourt blazer with crest

Trousers: Charcoal/Black formal trousers

Shirt: Grey short/long sleeved shirt always tucked in

Tie: Maricourt tie worn full length

Jumper: Maricourt jumper with crest (optional)

Socks: Black or grey socks

Girls’ uniform

Blazer: Maricourt blazer with crest

Skirt: Maricourt maroon skirt. Year 7-8 with pleats, Year 9-11 without pleats

Trousers: charcoal/black formal trousers

Blouse: Yellow blouse (Autumn and spring term), Blue checked summer blouse (summer term)

Tie: Maricourt tie worn full length with Maricourt yellow blouse

Jumper: Maricourt jumper with crest (optional)

Socks: White or grey mid/knee length socks


*Secondhand uniform is available. Please contact the school office if you require more information about this

We are proud to have so many students represent Sefton, Merseyside or National level school teams. Students may be permitted to wear their regional tie in place of their Maricourt tie

Footwear & Coats

Shoes should be formal, plain black and polishable. Formal-style, plain black kickers are permitted.

Girls’ shoes should not have large bows.

Trainers, pumps, boots or any shoes with logos are not permitted

Smart coats of any colour can be worn.

Hoodies, Denim, leather or fur coats aren’t permitted.

Coats should be worn in addition to the school blazer


Make-up and jewellery are not permitted.

Hair should be smartly styled and kept out of eyes. Bows and clips should be modest in size and design

Non-natural hair colours are not permitted

PE Kits

Boys' PE Kits - Indoor

Shorts: White Maricourt shorts with crest

Top: White Maricourt polo with crest

Socks: White football socks

Shoes: Trainers/sport shoes


Shorts: Black Maricourt shorts with crest

Top: Maricourt rugby top with crest

Socks: Maricourt maroon football socks

Shoes: Football Boots

Extras: Shin pads (Football), Gum shield (Rugby)

Girls' PE Kits

Shorts: Maricourt Maroon shorts with crest

Top: Yellow Maricourt polo with crest

Additional top: Maricourt training top

Socks: Maricourt maroon football socks (winter)/ White socks (Summer)

Shoes: Trainers or boots as directed


Currently our uniform is available at:


Whittakers Schoolwear Primary and High School Uniforms - Whittakers Schoolwear


Organisation at Maricourt 

Organisation is a key life skill required for success in education and employment.  We expect our students to be organised and prepared to learn each day.

Students should arrive each day with:

  • A school bag large enough to fit A4 books and folders
  • Relevant books/ingredients/kit for the day
  • A pencil case containing:
    • 2 or more Blue/Black pens
    • Green pen
    • Pencils
    • Ruler
    • Rubber
    • Sharpener
  • Scientific calculator

Equipment will be checked weekly to ensure that students are ready to learn.


*Our school uniform and PE kit is currently under review. There are no planned changes for the blazer, tie or jumper