Post-Results Services: Deadlines, Fees and Charges


The post-results services available are:


  • Reviews of Results (RoRs): Clerical re-check; review of marking; review of moderation; appeals
  • Access to scripts (ATS): Access to marked examination scripts





Please be aware price shown is per unit /component /paper NOT per subject



Post-results service


(Final date for requesting)

AQA fees & charges

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OCR fees & charges

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Pearson fees & charges

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Fees & charges

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RoR Service 1

Clerical re-check

15 September 2023





RoR Service 2

Review of marking

15 September 2023





RoR Service 3

Review of moderation

15 September 2023







£32.00 per candidate


(Stage 1)

Preliminary Appeal

Within 30 calendar days (of the awarding body issuing the RoR outcome)













Appeal Hearing

(Stage 2)

Within 14 calendar days (of receipt of the preliminary appeal outcome letter)














Copy of script to support review of marking

1 September






Copy of script to support teaching and learning

15 September






Post-review of marking copy of script

15 September





£13.10 (TBC)





Where a copy of a post-review of marking script is required, this should normally be applied for at the time as the review of marking request to meet the relevant non-priority RoR service deadline.