Wellbeing Champions


What is a wellbeing champion?

A group of pupils were asked to volunteer to become Wellbeing Champions. The aim is to give pupils a voice and the chance to be involved in improving the mental health and wellbeing of their peers. They attended a few group sessions where they learnt about the importance of mental health and how to look after ourselves.

  • They are friendly and approachable
  • They are creative and enthusiastic
  • They are reliable and interested in Mental Health Topic



The training was based around the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’…


GIVE- A simple act of kindness can help you feel good as well as helping others.

BE ACTIVE-Keeping your body active helps keep your mind healthy.

CONNECT-Spending time with others can give you a boost.

TAKE NOTICE-Take a look around you at your surroundings.

KEEP LEARNING-Learning new things can make you feel proud.

What will Wellbeing Champions do around school?


  • Attend regular training sessions which outlines the role of a wellbeing champion
  • Help with themed weeks- promoting awareness
  • They have supported their peers and more vulnerable younger peers in the group
  • To support Children’s Mental Health Week
  • Assist in designing campaigns, surveys, posters or distributing information to forms within our school around the importance of Mental Health
  • Sign post peers for support or speak to someone on their behalf with permission
  • Have a voice at the student council meetings
  • Share the wellbeing policy
  • Inform curriculum needs
  • Advertise themselves as wellbeing champions around school
  • Deliver assemblies
  • Time to talk clubs



If you would like to join our team, e-mail




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