Behaviour and Rewards

At Maricourt students are always expected to demonstrate positive behaviour, this is achieved through the high standards and expectations set by the school fostering mutual respect between all stakeholders.

As staff at Maricourt, it is our responsibility to promote our Gospel values and high expectations both in and out of the classroom. All members of staff have a duty to ensure that students are aware of the school rules and procedures and what constitutes normal, polite, acceptable behaviour. Where appropriate, staff will be required to impose relevant sanctions in a consistent and fair manner. Similarly, staff will look to reinforce positive behaviour, through recognition and reward, wherever possible. Staff at Maricourt consistently look to build positive relationships with students, instil routines within the classroom and utilise classroom management techniques to ensure positive behaviours.

Rewards & recognition

Where students consistently demonstrate the values we expect at Maricourt, or embody our ethos of growth, knowledge, respect, love and fellowship, it is only right that they are recognised. Positive reinforcement of behaviours can also have a substantial impact of improving overall behaviour. At Maricourt we put emphasis on the use of recognition the highlight goods behaviour and attitudes.

In lessons staff issue reward points in recognition of good work and effort and a structured reward point system is in place (R1-R5). See below for a general overview:


Reward points:


R1 ( 5 points)

Excellent effort during a lesson, a well presented piece of classwork or homework

R2 (10 points)

Work, effort or attitude that is substantially above expectations.

R3 (20 points)

Demonstrating outstanding effort or attitude over a period of lessons or time

R4 (50 points)

Being named star of the week by the Pastoral Leader or Curriculum Leader

R5 (50 points)

Outstanding and consistent commitment across a number of subjects.

Year group assemblies take place on a weekly basis and Pastoral Leaders use assembly time to praise the efforts and achievements of their students.

Each term a ‘Reward Assembly’ takes place which enables the Pastoral team to reflect on the achievements of the whole year group


As with the consistent use of rewards, Maricourt has high standards and expectations for behaviour and clear guidelines are in place which are followed by all staff. Where students fall short of Maricourt’s values and high expectations, it is necessary to put in place consequences to highlight behaviour as undesirable.

Maricourt operates a graduated system on consequences giving the opportunity for students to act on feedback and warnings and moderate their own behaviour. See below for a general overview:




C1 ( 2 points):

Not following instructions, distracting the class teacher, not paying attention.

C2 (5 points) :

Persistent disruption, inappropriate language, lack of respect for the class teacher, repeat of C1 despite warning

C3 (10 points):

Repeated C2 offences despite warnings, damage to school property, aggressive manner, unsafe behaviour

C4 (50 points)

Repeating C1-C3 despite intervention,

Disrupting learning to the detriment of others

C5 (50 points)

Refusing to cooperate, Persistent defiance, Extreme behaviours

See our Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions Policy for further information