Curriculum Intent

The intention of our three-year KS3 programme of study is to build on the foundation knowledge of KS2 and foster a love of literature and language through the exploration of a wide range of challenging and engaging texts and topics.We work closely with the literacy and SEND co-ordinators to adapt lessons to ensure all pupils develop in their confidence and competency at all stages. Our rich and varied curriculum will enable students to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others confidently and coherently. Through reading, pupils will have the chance to read in depth for both pleasure and information, exploring different periods of literary history. They will gain an understanding of the context of different periods of time and will be supported to develop culturally, socially, morally, intellectually and emotionally through their wider reading.Students will be afforded the opportunity to write in a range of styles and for different purposes and audiences, learning the importance of articulating their ideas with fluency and accuracy.

The two-year KS4 programme of study will ensure pupils extend their knowledge and understanding of spoken and written language. Equipping students with these skills will maximise their potential at GCSE and broaden skills of interpretation and communication which are essential to understanding the world in which they live.

The two-year KS5 programme of study affords students the opportunity to read and explore a range of genres, themes, characters and contexts whilst building a deep knowledge and understanding of key aspects of literary theory and history. Students build ontheir subject expertise informed by engaging with a wide range of texts and critical appreciation. By the end of the course, students have a rich knowledge base and a deep understanding of the subject enabling them to take the next step in their education.

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