Curriculum Intent

In Art, we aim to ensure all pupils experience a wide range of creative and visually enriching experiences, including core skills of drawing and painting. Pupils will acquire skills through explorative, practical opportunities in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Pupils’ will learn about different artists, art in the locality and how artists make a career from their abilities. They will take influence from artists’ work and develop beyond styles to produce their own original outcomes. We strive to emphasise the relevance of art and design in our culture whilst fostering a love for the subject. We will encourage individual opinions and responses to artists, their own and each other’s work.

Our curriculum will begin with basic drawing skills, such as shape and tone. We will develop beyond this into creating more complex forms such as architecture and exploring colour theory.

Pupils’ will be given opportunities to record from primary observation and develop from this into design and sculptural outcomes. Pupils’ will work on symbols personal to their own identity’s and work both with Abstraction and towards Realism. We will encourage imagination, initiative, and independent vision.

All learners, including those with differing needs, will improve their control of materials from an initial starting point. They will have frequent opportunity to develop hand eye coordination and creative thinking and to recognise the value of this in todays’ society.


Global Learning Statement

We aim to encourage open minded, creative, critical and reflective thinkers who have the courage and confidence to discover and contribute to the world around them.


Curriculum Journey

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GCSE Exam Specification

GCSE Art Exam Specification

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A-Level Exam Specification

A-Level Art Exam Specification