Curriculum Intent

KS3 textiles curriculum is designed to inspire pupils to express their creativity thorough a variety of different textile mediums and develop their understanding of the design process. Each year pupils will work through a design brief and create a quality final product at the end of each unit. Skills are gradually increased as pupils move from Year Seven to Year Nine, progressively getting harder and more complex. Pupils will be given the creative freedom to think and work independently learning both practical, analytical and communication skills which are nurtured into KS4.

As pupils move through into GCSE they will explore this further by producing portfolio work of sustained and focused investigations into a topic of their choosing, allowing pupils the freedom to study work which speaks to them. They will experiment with different techniques and processes producing a final outcome which reflects their body of work. GCSE textiles allows pupils to fully submerge themselves in the work of others both culturally and artistically. Pupils will be taken to both galleries and museums in both Year Ten and Year Eleven, as part of their studies to gain primary research and stimulate and enrich their enthusiasm.

The Fashion industry contributes approximately £32 Billion to the UK economy. Studying textiles allows pupils to consider careers in multiple avenues such as fashion, design, manufacturing, styling, buying and merchandising with local large employers such as VERY and PRETTY LITTLE THINGS leading the charge.

Pupils will develop independent and critical thinking, and ignite their creativity. It will awaken a lifelong long and appreciation for textiles and design.

Curriculum Journey


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GCSE Exam Specification

GCSE Exam Specification