Curriculum Intent

A high quality Economics course allows students to apply economic theory to support analysis of current economic problems and issues, and encourage students to appreciate the interrelationships between microeconomics and macroeconomics. Students will learn the fundamentals of the subject and develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand and analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions. They will also build upon their quantitative skills and appreciate that, when evaluating arguments, both qualitative and quantitative evidence are important

Our Economics course covers two main sections, the first section introduces students to microeconomic issues and the second section covers mainly macroeconomic issues.

Studying Economics will allow students to acquire a good knowledge of trends and developments in the economy which have taken place over the past fifteen years and also have an awareness of earlier events where this helps to give recent developments a longer term perspective.



Curriculum Journey

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A-Level Exam Specification

A-level Economics Exam Specification