Call it out sessions

We are proud to have partnered with Talk the Talk Educate CIC to deliver ‘Call it Out’ training to all students and staff as part of our post Covid recovery and Reset. As we are now settled back into school after a challenging and unpredictable year, I think we can all agree that we have had to become more resilient and flexible to change. This is also correct for the young people in our care. I am surprised at how resilient the young people have been in the grand scheme of things. Usually, young people can look to adults for answers and reassurance in relation to their future and plans. One thing that is usually guaranteed for pupils is the safety, security and routine of school life. Unfortunately, this has been stripped away this year and given back on an ad-hoc basis.

The reality of being told to go home and not return to school has caused an emotional roller-coaster for young people across the board. In addition to this, students have missed out on socialising, building friendships, face to face communication and in a lot of cases, students have had to deal with home schooling and being self-disciplined to do schoolwork, without always having adult supervision at home. Some pupils will have gone days without speaking face to face to another person. Combine this with hormones and only electronic communication, I would say they have had it tough.

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