Provider Access & Baker Clause Policy

This policy sets out the schools’ arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the providers education or training offer. This complies with the schools legal obligations under section 42B of the Education Act 1997 Baker Clause policy.

  • Students in Years 8 to 11 are entitled to find out about technical education, qualifications and apprenticeship opportunities as part of our careers programme.
  • In addition to the entitlement above we also include our Year 7 cohort in the opportunities on offer from our providers.
  • Hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer including technical education, traineeships and apprenticeships. This takes place through the annual careers convention, assemblies, options evenings and taster events.


A number of events, integrated into the school Careers programme of time-tabled lessons and assemblies, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to students and / or, parents and carers. Providers will also be offered opportunities to communicate with school staff, parents / carers and students using a remote and virtual platform. Details of facilities and rooms are made available to providers prior to school visits or online communication and will include the schools safeguarding policy. The annual Careers Convention gives all providers a platform for this. Please get in touch with the Careers Leader named BELOW if you have not received a formal invitation to this event and you would like to attend. The invites for this event are sent out in June prior to the next academic term when the convention will take place in the following November.


A provider wishing to request access should contact;

Michelle Wood Careers Leader

School Switch Board: 0151 330 3366 Direct line: 0151 282 2132