Ellie Shaw


My journey began at St Gregory’s catholic primary school my favourite subject was history and I then went on to Maricourt Catholic High School. I loved it there because all of the teachers constantly pushed me to do my best! I then decided to stay on in sixth form and study Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care. Psychology being the one I was desperate to study because I have always been interested in crime documentaries and criminal behaviour. I am now doing a degree in forensic psychology and criminal justice, I am loving this as it focuses on all the things I found most interesting in psychology and sociology. In the future I am hoping to use my knowledge gained throughout A levels and my degree to further explore psychology within the criminal justice system. My message to young people deciding on a future career is always do what you love even if it’s not ‘practical’ and may be more difficult to achieve, as long as you put the work in, nothing is impossible!