Philip Garret


"Art and drawing in particular, was an activity that I enjoyed the most in school. I can still remember the excitement and anticipation of queuing up in the corridor near the canteen outside the art department door, waiting to go in. Whether it was drawing from one of the two still lives in Mr Bolton's classroom with it's different arrangements of pots, vases and a kitchen appliance or two, or producing an imaginative topographic fantasy land, complete with 2D perspective and acrylic coloured artwork, there was not one lesson that I didn't enjoy. Sometimes we were allowed to go in at dinner time too. Although I didn’t have the confidence to pursue a career in art on for the first year of leaving school, I soon realized that my best and strongest subject, the thing I was passionate about should be followed. I would urge anyone to do the same whether they wish to pursue a career in it or not. Choosing Art as an option, is creative, challenging, inspiring, fun and rewarding!"