Mark Guyers


At first I didn't have any idea about what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I loved talking! Things began at Blessed Sacrament in the mid 90s (I still remember the new infant school being built!) and my favourite subjects were P.E and English. I then went on to Maricourt and studied Geography, History and Sociology at GCSE. Sociology was eye opening as I began to think about human behaviour and the relationship it has to the systems that operate around us (e.g. government). Psychology was a good next step and following studying it at A-level, I went on to study Psychology at University, before completing a Masters in the clinical applications of psychology and a PGCert in psychological therapies. After 8 years experience in the NHS, I'm back at University having gained a place on the Clinical Doctorate course at Sheffield University as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist. I will be qualified in 2023 and hope to work in physical health. My message to young people deciding on a future career is it is okay to not know what to do. Embrace the not knowing position - it's not the worst place to be! However... identify, as early as possible, what your values are and notice them to appear in any role or situation you find yourself in. If you are a compassionate person, notice that value and quality appear in your interactions with others - in your Saturday job, in the corridors at school. Keep noticing, no matter how small. Jobs and exciting opportunities that fit you, will find their way to you. You will never go wrong with being yourself. Good luck.