Faye Caddick


My name is Faye Caddick and I am a 28 year old Actress. My love of performing first started whilst I was a pupil at St John Bosco Primary School in Maghull. I always enjoyed performing in the nativity and plays put on by the school. At this time I also attended the Loretta Legge School of Dance. My Mum can recall attending a parents evening when I was very small and finding a self portrait I had done that stated underneath ‘when I grow up I want to be a dancer’. This love for performing continued when I went on to attend Maricourt Catholic High School. In my earlier years there I was a member of the drama club, until I could properly study Drama & Theatre when selecting my year 9 subject options. I enjoyed my time at Maricourt so much that I decided to stay on in Sixth Form to not only study Drama & Theatre Studies but also Performing Art to broaden my skill set. Alongside both these subjects I chose to study English as I knew I would love to write my own work in the future. I felt unsure about what I wanted to do following Sixth Form. There are so many options including drama schools, universities or heading straight into the world of work. In all honesty, I wish I would have taken more time to make my decision. At the time, I decided on Liverpool Hope University and I now have a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre Studies. After graduating I spent my time seeking Agent representation whilst acting as my own agent to secure auditions and perform on the North West theatre scene. I now enjoy life as a Spotlight registered professional Actress, represented by TCA Management. It’s not easy, you have to work hard; filming self tapes and attending auditions that you may never hear back from but it’s so rewarding when you do get the job! Being in a rehearsal room, on a stage in front of a live audience or on a film set with a camera and crew ignites the fire in my soul and that’s why I do it. My message to young people deciding on a future career is that you don’t have to know what you want to do right away, take the time and space to decide. If you’re lucky enough to know exactly what you want to do, then think logically about what you need to get there – what school subjects would complement your career path best? Overall, just go for it! No matter how out of reach your dreams seem. A lot of people are unhappy and fail in careers they never even wanted. Take the chance of being successful in the one you do want.