Erin Sinnott


Hi, my name is Erin Sinnott and I started to aim towards my dream career all the way back in Blessed Sacrament Primary School (without knowing it!) My favourite lesson was definitely English, I loved being creative and playing around with words/ideas even from a young age. I then went to Maricourt High School where I met my best friends and made unforgettable memories whilst learning the skills I needed to take me to sixth form, English still being my favourite subject. In sixth form my favourite A level was definitely sociology because it was something new and interesting that in the end became something that would get me my A grade to take me to The University of Liverpool to do a law degree. My message to young people deciding on a future career would definitely be, stick to what you enjoy because you will become passionate about it in future education, but also take every opportunity you get before settling on a future career. There are no limits if you set your mind to it.