Work experience during Lockdown! Where there is a will there’s a way!


Year 10 took part in a 1 day virtual work experience placement. Students selected from employers, ‘Cadent Gas, MerseyCare, Liverpool Museum The Savvy group Richmond hotel, Merseyrail and Sovini’. Students got to view pre-recorded presentations from employers who discussed their roles and skills required in addition to virtual tours of the work places. The students then had to engage and complete tasks set by the employers and upload them to showcase their work and understanding of their chosen employers roles, the skills that can be achieved and to see the work places in action.


This is what the organisers at Elevate had to say:


“During Careers Week 2021 Elevate EBP had the privilege of launching our Virtual Work Experience programme with Maricourt Catholic High School. As a school they have kept careers an absolute priority for the past year. School and all staff very much see the relevance and the difference that Careers In the Curriculum makes to attainment and how it raises aspirations.


Whilst Year 10 were unable to get face to face work experience this year, this opportunity gave them a great understanding of their employer, the careers that are available and the plans they need to put in place to access the career they want to work towards.


We had the majority of Year 10 students attend placement for a whole day and between them they took part of a 360 virtual tour, listened to talking heads videos of employees journeys and completed a number of research tasks linked to their chosen employer. Employers included, Merseyrail, The Sovini Group, National Museums Liverpool, Mersey Care NHS, Cadent Gas and The Richmond Hotel.


Massive thank you to Ms Wood for making this happen, to all the students who took part and all the parents in the background for their encouragement!”


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