Delivering Careers Education during the pandemic. Nothing stopped us!


Year 7 participated in an Enterprise morning which was coordinated and hosted by Elevate EBP. This event ensured students of Year 7 could communicate with them an explore skills and qualities in the work place and hear all about career paths and job roles direct with employers virtually. Year 7 were inspired by speakers from Cadent Gas and Network Plus, live and to inform them about future careers and employability skills. The Year 7s completed workbooks and engaged with tasks that were provided to encourage them to learn all about the importance of developing a CV as well as making links with careers and specific subject learning. The Year 7’s fully enjoyed this encounter which generated lots of discussion about careers and possible destinations for the future.

Year 8 attended a fantastic careers event hosted by Careers Connect in which a variety of employers spoke live to our students on a remote platform to inform them all about the skills, qualities and qualifications required for specific job roles and career paths. The employers involved who spoke to our students were Ministry of Justice, Royal Navy, RAF, Rutland veterinary hospital and Crossfield group. Year 8 were inspired by the employers talks and they also had the opportunity to ask them live questions and hear the answers direct from employers. The Year 8 cohort were very engaged and said they felt inspired to learn more in school, achieve good grades and get fantastic jobs that the employers talked to them all about. A great inspiring day for them all.

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