A Fantastic Send Off for the Class Of 2021


A fantastic send off for the class of 2021. We felt that our Year 11 students needed a final celebration together, which gave them the chance to celebrate their 5 years at Maricourt and give them the opportunity to laugh, dance, sing and eat with friends. The morning started with a celebration service in Newman Hall lead by our school Chaplain Mr McCabe. This gave students the opportunity to come together and pray, reflect and give thanks for the time they have spent at Maricourt. In the presence of form tutors, the senior leadership team and many other teachers, Mrs Barnet and Mr Heyes gave out some awards, which celebrated the achievements of many students. Millie Vernon received the Tony Grieco Award for her resilience, hard work and consistent efforts to try her best. Tom Higgins received the Courtesy Award, after getting 16 nominations from teaching staff across the school.

They then moved over to their party venue and enjoyed the fantastic buffet put on by the kitchen staff. The venue was decorated with balloons and flowers, a lit-up dance floor and the DJ blasted the tunes out. No fancy outfits or endless beauty appointments, or panicking about transport! Just a simple moment of friendship, respect and community. From the moment the students walked in, they danced the morning away. It was a moment of hope and a reminder of how much everyone had been through, it reminded us, that at the end of it all, the sun was still shining and the music was still playing. Thank you class of 2021!




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