Megan Cawthron


We celebrate the achievement of Year 7 student Megan Cawthron. Not only has she set up a lockdown business, but she has written and published a book.
Below is the blurb for Megan's book and the link to purchase it!


Five unlikely school friends head off on a geography field trip to the Amazon Rainforest. They have the most amazing week and are set to go home when one of them is nowhere to be found. What comes next is an adventure where not only do the friends realise their own individual strengths but that without each other they would never survive, especially somewhere as unpredictable as the Amazon Rainforest.


This book was written during the 11 year old, author Megan's, lockdown period from school. Megan wanted something positive to come out of 2020, and achieving one of her life dreams of publishing her own book was top of her list.

Against The Odds: In The Jungle

Once the Maricourt Community started to share the success of Megan fantastic writing skills and imagination, she gained the interest of many authors.

Frank Cottrell- Boyce, ordered his copy straight away! Michael Rosen tweeted Megan “Hello Megan, stumble trip, stumble trip”. This was much to Megan’s delight as “Going on a Bear Hunt” was Megan’s favourite book when she was younger.

The excitement continued to rise as more and more children’s authors were keen to get involved and show their support for Megan’s book launch!