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Lenten Family Challenge
Last year, all staff, students and their families were invited to take part in the Maricourt Family Lenten Fast Day, to give up something for a day and make a donation towards CAFOD. With the UK government having promised to double any donations, the result was that we raised a total of £1,602.06. It was an amazing amount of money and CAFOD were deeply appreciative of this.

This year the focus is on fasting but in a different way. The chaplains, Mr. McCabe and Sr. Teresa, have challenged our students during this Lenten season to disconnect from technology in ways that can help them spend quality time with family, do their studies uninterrupted or, at the very least, give them some head space in their busy lives. Emails were also sent out to all the student's parents/carers to inform them about this challenge and inviting them to join in with their child.

Some of us may not use phones or social media a great deal, but for many it might be an opportunity to reflect on our usage of these.

Do they "take over our lives" ?
Do we use them in positive or negative ways?
Does this time take the place of conversation with our families and children?
Could an already busy life be made less busy by having more space afforded by less time on social media?
Would we dare to pray instead of checking our emails or news feeds?

It is a massive challenge for many of our students and even the staff - but that is what Lent is about. At the very least, it will help us to reflect on how much we actually live in the moment and gratefully experience what we have around us.

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