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"The one who does not remember History is bound to live through it again" George Santyana

"What is the point of studying history?"

This is a question we are regularly asked and the answer is simple. The purpose of History is to learn where we came from and to be better educated to try to avoid making the mistakes of the past again.

History at Maricourt is a popular subject with a dedicated and determined team who ensure that pupils are actively engaged and driven to achieve their best. Pupils are challenged and encouraged to make mistakes to gain a better understanding of key events in the past. See our curriculum content and Curriculum map to see what topics we cover in your child's year group.


Pupils study Crime and Punishment, Superpower Relations in the Cold War, Elizabethan England and Germany 1918-1939 under Edexcel. It is a linear course with three exams at the end of Y11. Further details of this course, revision guides, work books and text books can be found at www.pearson.co.uk.

At A-Level:

Students are studying Edexcel, Route H. In Y12 this is British Domestic Policy 1918-1997 and American Domestic policy 1922-1955. In Y13 it is Coursework on the causes of the Russian Revolution and an examination on Ireland and the Union 1774-1923. This is a two year linear course with three examinations at the end of Y13. Further details of this course, revision guides, work books and text books can be found at www.pearson.co.uk.

What our pupils say about History at Maricourt:

"There is a lot of work to do but I find it interesting and the teachers make it fun" – Y10 pupil

"History in Maricourt is good and interesting to learn about" – Y9 pupil

"I find History to be the most interesting subject in Maricourt. It was not a subject I was planning to pursue past GCSE originally, so that tells you how enjoyable I find the subject." – Y13 student

"History is a very interesting subject. It challenges its students and gets the best out of them. If you are struggling, help is always offered." – Y12 Student.

"History is good, enjoyable and stressful, but the hard work pays off in the end." – Y12 student

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