Examination Information and Dates


Year 11 and 13 Internal examinations


Summer examination weeks for all subjects: Monday 15th May - Friday 23rd

Contingency dates for summer 2023 exam series

As usual, there will be a contingency day at the end of the GCSE, AS and A level exam timetables in the UK. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, further resilience was needed within the exam timetables and a single contingency day was not felt to be sufficient if a national event or incident had a significant effect on the exam timetable.

June 2023, there will now be two additional half-day contingency sessions. These are on Thursday 8 June 2023 and Thursday 15 June 2023. The standard contingency day remains at the end of the timetable on Wednesday 28 June 2023.



Summer Timetable 2023 (Provisional)


Summer Timetable 2023
15/05/23 - 23/06/23
Week 1
DateStartLengthBoardExam Examination TitleLevel
Mon 15 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1RA0 1ACatholic ChristianityGCSE/9FC
Mon 15 May09:0001:45AQA8063/1Religious Studies B P1 Cath ChristGCSE/9FC
Mon 15 May13:3001:45OCRR012/01Info Tech: Undrstndng Tool Tchnqs WtnCNAT/1&2
Tue 16 May09:0001:45AQA8461/1HBiology Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Tue 16 May09:0001:15AQA8464/B/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1HGCSE/9DA
Tue 16 May09:0001:15AQA8464/B/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P1FGCSE/9DA
Wed 17 May09:0001:45AQA8702/1English Literature Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Wed 17 May09:0002:15EDEXL/GCE9GE0 01Geography Paper 1GCE/A
Wed 17 May13:3002:00WJEC/GCSEC550U10-1PE Comp 1 Introduction to PEGCSE/9FC
Wed 17 May13:3000:45EDEXL/GCSE1TU0 1HTurkish Listening (H) GCSE/9FC
Wed 17 May13:3001:05EDEXL/GCSE1TU0 3HTurkish Reading (H) GCSE/9FC
Thu 18 May09:0001:15EDEXL/GCSE1HI0 10History Crime & PunishmentGCSE/9FC
Thu 18 May09:0002:00AQA7136/1Economics ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Thu 18 May13:3001:45AQA8132/1Business Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Thu 18 May13:3001:30WJEC/GCE4543UB0-1Criminology Unit 2: Paper BasedL3/L3
Fri 19 May09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1FMath Non Calculator (F) GCSE/9FC
Fri 19 May09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1HMath Non Calculator (H) GCSE/9FC
Fri 19 May09:0002:00AQA7182/1Psychology ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Fri 19 May09:0001:30EDEXL/KSQ31491H01Working in Health and Social CareBTNG/B
Fri 19 May13:3001:30OCRJ277/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems WrtnGCSE/9FC
Fri 19 May13:3001:30RSA584102FD IT : U2 Global InformationCAMX/FD
Week 2
Mon 22 May09:0002:00AQA7192/1Sociology ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Mon 22 May09:0001:45AQA8462/1HChemistry Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Mon 22 May09:0001:15AQA8464/C/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1HGCSE/9DA
Mon 22 May09:0001:15AQA8464/C/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1FGCSE/9DA
Mon 22 May13:3001:30EDEXL/GCSE1GA0 01The Physical EnvironmentGCSE/9FC
Mon 22 May13:3002:00AQA7136/2Economics ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Tue 23 May13:3000:50EDEXL/GCSE1RA0 2FJudaismGCSE/9FC
Tue 23 May13:30AQA8063/2AReligious Studies B P2-B ThemesGCSE/9FC
Tue 23 May13:30AQA8063/2YReligious Studies B P2-A JudaismGCSE/9FC
Wed 24 May09:0002:15AQA8702/2English Literature Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Wed 24 May09:0002:15EDEXL/GCE9HI0 1HHistory Britain TransformedGCE/A
Wed 24 May13:3002:00AQA7408/1Physics ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Wed 24 May13:3002:30OCRH472/01Eng Lit: Drama & Poetry PRE-1900 WtnGCE/A
Wed 24 May13:3001:25EDEXL/GCSE1TU0 4HTurkish Writing (H) GCSE/9FC
Thu 25 May09:0001:45AQA8463/1HPhysics Paper 1 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Thu 25 May09:0001:15AQA8464/P/1HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1HGCSE/9DA
Thu 25 May09:0001:15AQA8464/P/1FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P1FGCSE/9DA
Thu 25 May13:3002:00AQA7182/2Psychology ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Thu 25 May13:3001:30EDEXL/GCE9FM0 01Core Pure Maths.1GCE/A
Thu 25 May13:3001:30OCRJ277/02Comp Sci: Comp Thnk Algrthm Prgrm WtnGCSE/9FC
Week 3
Mon 05 Jun09:0001:45AQA8700/1English Language Paper 1GCSE/9FC
Mon 05 Jun09:0002:00AQA7136/3Economics ADV Paper 3GCE/A
Mon 05 Jun13:3002:00AQA7182/3Psychology ADV Paper 3GCE/A
Mon 05 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCE9FM0 02Core Pure Maths 2GCE/A
Tue 06 Jun09:0000:35AQA8698/LFSpanish Listening Test Tier FGCSE/9FC
Tue 06 Jun09:0000:45AQA8698/RFSpanish Reading Test Tier FGCSE/9FC
Tue 06 Jun09:0002:15EDEXL/GCE9GE0 02Geography Paper TwoGCE/A
Tue 06 Jun13:3000:50EDEXL/GCSE1RA0 3ACatholic ChristianityGCSE/9FC
Tue 06 Jun13:3002:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 01Pure Mathematics 1GCE/A
Wed 07 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2FMath Calculator (F) GCSE/9FC
Wed 07 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HMath Calculator (H) GCSE/9FC
Wed 07 Jun09:0002:30WJEC/GCEA810U20-1History Spanish Component 2 ListeningGCE/A
Wed 07 Jun13:30EDEXL/GCSE1HI0 B4Early ElizabethanGCSE/9FC
Wed 07 Jun13:30EDEXL/GCSE1HI0 P4Superpower RelationsGCSE/9FC
Wed 07 Jun13:3001:45EDEXL/GCSE1HI0 2RSuperpower, ElizabethanGCSE/9FC
Wed 07 Jun13:3002:00AQA7402/1Biology ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Wed 07 Jun13:3001:30WJEC/GCE4543UD0-1Criminology Unit 4: Paper BasedL3/L3
Thu 08 Jun09:0002:30OCRH472/02Eng Lit: Cmprtve & Cntxtl Stdy WtnGCE/A
Fri 09 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1GA0 02The Human EnvironmentGCSE/9FC
Fri 09 Jun09:0002:00AQA7192/2Sociology ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Fri 09 Jun09:0002:00AQA7408/2Physics ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:45AQA8461/2HBiology Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:15AQA8464/B/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2HGCSE/9DA
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:15AQA8464/B/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Biology P2FGCSE/9DA
Fri 09 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCE9HI0 2HThe UsaGCE/A
Week 4
Mon 12 Jun09:0002:00AQA7405/1Chemistry ADV Paper 1GCE/A
Mon 12 Jun09:0001:45AQA8700/2English Language Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Mon 12 Jun13:3001:45AQA8132/2Business Paper 2GCSE/9FC
Mon 12 Jun13:3002:15EDEXL/GCE9GE0 03Geography Paper ThreeGCE/A
Tue 13 Jun09:0001:45AQA8462/2HChemistry Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Tue 13 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/C/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2HGCSE/9DA
Tue 13 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/C/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2FGCSE/9DA
Tue 13 Jun09:0002:15EDEXL/GCE9HI0 36History Britain & IrelandGCE/A
Tue 13 Jun13:3001:00AQA8698/WFSpanish Writing Test Tier FGCSE/9FC
Tue 13 Jun13:3002:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 02Pure Mathematics 2GCE/A
Wed 14 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3FMath Calculator (F) GCSE/9FC
Wed 14 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HMath Calculator (H) GCSE/9FC
Wed 14 Jun09:0002:00WJEC/GCEA810U30-1Spanish COMP3 Analytic ResponseGCE/A
Wed 14 Jun13:3002:00AQA7192/3Sociology ADV Paper 3GCE/A
Wed 14 Jun13:3001:15WJEC/GCSEC660U30-1Music Component 3 AppraisingGCSE/9FC
Wed 14 Jun13:3000:45AQA8688/LHPolish Listening Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Wed 14 Jun13:3001:00AQA8688/RHPolish Reading Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Thu 15 Jun09:0001:20EDEXL/GCSE1HI0 31History Weimar & Nazi GermanyGCSE/9FC
Thu 15 Jun09:0002:00AQA7408/3/APhysics ADV P3 Sections A & B Opt AGCE/A
Fri 16 Jun09:0002:00AQA7402/2Biology ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:45AQA8463/2HPhysics Paper 2 Tier HGCSE/9FC
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/P/2HCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2HGCSE/9DA
Fri 16 Jun09:0001:15AQA8464/P/2FCombined Sci Trilogy Physics P2FGCSE/9DA
Fri 16 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCSE1GA0 03Geography Paper 3GCSE/9FC
Fri 16 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCE9FM0 3BFurther Statistics 1GCE/A
Week 5
Mon 19 Jun13:3002:00AQA7405/2Chemistry ADV Paper 2GCE/A
Tue 20 Jun13:3002:00EDEXL/GCE9MA0 03Statistics & MechanicsGCE/A
Tue 20 Jun13:30EDEXL/GCE9MA0 31StatisticsGCE/A
Tue 20 Jun13:30EDEXL/GCE9MA0 32MechanicsGCE/A
Tue 20 Jun13:3002:00WJEC/GCSE5909UD0-1Constructing Unit 3: Written PaperL1L2/B
Wed 21 Jun09:0002:00AQA7402/3Biology ADV Paper 3GCE/A
Wed 21 Jun09:0001:30WJEC/GCSE5569UA0-1Hospitality & Catering UNIT1: OnscreenL1L2/B
Wed 21 Jun09:0001:15AQA8688/WHPolish Writing Test Tier HGCSE/9FC
Thu 22 Jun13:3001:30EDEXL/GCE9FM0 3AFurther Pure Maths.1GCE/A
Fri 23 Jun09:0002:00AQA7405/3Chemistry ADV Paper 3GCE/A



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