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Your New School

What is it like to be at Maricourt Catholic High School?

Maricourt is a big school, probably much bigger than you are used to, but it is easy to find your way around. As a Year 7 pupil you will spend most of your time in Arnold Hall, also known as the Lower School. Here you will be a pupil in one of eight mixed ability forms in Year 7. There are also eight Year 8 forms based in Arnold. Years 7 and 8 have most of their lessons in Arnold, they also have their own dining room and play ground.

There is a caring group of Form Tutors, Progress Leaders, Learning Mentors, School Chaplain and Administration staff who are known as the Pastoral Team and are there to look after you and make sure you are safe and cared for.

Newman Hall (Upper School) is home to Years 9-13. You will have some lessons here, mainly subjects that need specialist rooms, like Art, Music, Drama, and Technology. There are a wide range of PE facilities on both sites including: grass pitches, a sports hall, fitness suite and tennis courts.

Will I get lost?

Finding your way around may seem daunting at first but just remember what we shared with you on our visit to your primary school; you will have a timetable that tells you the room number, teacher and subject for each period and a map in your planner. On your first day in September you will visit all the classrooms on your timetable and if you do get lost all you have to do is ask another pupil or member of staff and they will be happy to show you the way.

Will I make friends?

On your Year 6 activity day in July you will be in a group of pupils from a number of different primary schools. This will be your first opportunity to get to know other people in your year group, so arrive with a big smile and a commitment to get involved in the day's activities. Most of you will make the transition to Maricourt with other pupils from your primary school and I always make sure there are a number of pupils from the same primary school in the same form so you know someone.

If your parents make a friendship request then I will do my best to make this happen, but I can't make promises. If you are making the transition on your own then I will try and place you in a form with pupils in a similar situation.

With your big smile and a pledge to join in with Maricourt life you will be surprised how quickly your circle of friends will grow.

Are there any clubs for me to join?

There are a vast array of clubs for you to join including sports, arts, film club and our Youth Mercy Associates. Clubs are advertised during form time, through departments and on the noticeboard outside my office. The more you join in the more you will enjoy your time at Maricourt and the more friends you will make.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Maricourt Family.

Miss Bennett
Head of Lower School
Maricourt Catholic High School
Hall Lane
L31 3DZ
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