Careers & Enrichment Calendar




Year 7 - Introduction assembly to Careers and completion of career interest forms. 03/09/2021

Year 8 – Career discussion and completion of career interest forms 03/09/2021

Year 9 – Careers lessons on Self-Awareness week commencing 06/09/2021 and teams will act as journalists. 23/09/2021

Year 10- Work experience assembly delivered by our external partners Elevate EBP and work experience packs distributed to students for their placement in summer 2022. 30/09/2021

Year 10 – Career discussion and completion of career interest forms 03/09/2021

Year 11 – Career discussion and completion of career interest forms 03/09/2021

Year 11 – Lesson on Interview techniques online and face to face 13/09/2021

Year 11 Application form workshops delivered by Elevate EBP 13/09/2021 & 11/10/2021

Year 12- Enrichment launch assembly, including options to choose from such as: Teachers of Tomorrow, Hobbies & Interests, Forensics, Sports Leaders & Oxbridge Programme. 08/09/2021

Year 12 - Work experience assembly delivered by Careers Leader and a Labour Market presentation. 08/09/2021

Year 12 – Career discussion and completion of career interest forms and study skills session with resources provided by our external partners Shaping Futures 03/09/2021

Year 13 – Career discussion and completion of career interest forms and completion of mock interview forms 03/09/2021




Year 9- Stereotypes and Equality lesson. Week commencing 18/10/2021

Year 10 - continue to source work experience placements and have an opportunity to apply for a work experience placement at Aintree racecourse.

Year 11 – All students take part in a mock interview with an employer organised by Elevate EBP and Careers Leader 19th, 20th and 21st October 2021

Year 10- Enterprise Workshop with Aintree Racecourse focussing on students creating a marketing campaign 13/10/2021

Year 12- Enterprise afternoon- Upcycle activity and fashion show. Building on enterprise Skills - Teamwork, Leadership, Resilience, Creativity and Problem solving.

Year 12 – Skills and Personal qualities session. Resources created with Shaping Futures. 20/10/2021

Year 12 students were invited to attend a presentation run by LMA to discuss courses on offer in Media, Music and Arts. Q and A session for students at the end of the session. 20/10/2021




Year 9 - Aintree Racing to School Careers day run by Carrie Ford former racing jockey and Grant Rowley 02/11/2 Marketing and Communications 02/11/2021

Year 12 & Year 13 – Will all attend the Hope University bus tour which will be parked for the day at Maricourt in which they will hop on board at school to hear about University life, personal statements, UCAS and student finance with a Q and A for students 02/11/2021

Year groups 8, 9,10,11,12 & 13 will attend the annual Careers Convention at Maricourt. Students can engage with Employers, Universities, Colleges, Apprenticeship providers, Armed Forces and Emergency Services to find out information and entry requirements for their next steps towards their futures. 04/11/2021

A selection of Year 10 and 11 students were invited to participate in a Q and A with Cadent Gas organised via Elevate EBP.08/11/2021

Year 12- Moj Taylor employability comedian will deliver a PUSH talk explaining how to make yourself employable and brand. 10/11/2021

Year 12 – to attend the UK University fair at Anfield. 18/11/2021




Year 13 - to participate and engage in a face to face mock interview with an employer from a career industry of their choice. They will also receive feedback on their interview techniques and skills. 06 & 07th December 2021




Year 7 - Meet the Professionals event run by Elevate EBP with the company Cadent supporting this event. Date tbc

Year 8 - Students will be introduced to Higher Education workshop with Liverpool Hope University using a remote platform. Date tbc

Year 11 & Year 12, a selection of students to attend the Liverpool City Region Skills Show 2022




All year groups will celebrate National Apprenticeship week 07th February to 11th February 2022




All year groups will celebrate National careers week in which they can join virtual careers fair, webinars and live talks from employers, colleges and Universities. The students in all tear groups will make links to subject specific careers. 07th March to 11th March 2022.

All Year groups to celebrate ‘World book day’ to take place 03/03/2022

Year 9 students will participate in a choosing the right options’ workshop with Shaping Futures during Careers lessons. Weeks commencing 28/02/2022 to 04/03/2022 tbc




Year 12 will participate in a personal statement session via JMU 27/04/2022




Year 12 will learn all about personal finance and also attend a session on health and safety in the work place. 25/05/2022

Year 12 will engage in a mental health session with our Alumni former students of Maricourt who will discuss theories around anxiety and mental health strategies in work place environments.11/5/2022




Year 12 will attend a session on healthy relationships 15/06/2022




Year 10 – out on work experience placements 04th July to 15th July 2022 (10 days in total)

Year 12 will go out on work experience 11th to 15th July 2022


All Year


- Year 11s and Sixth Form students will have careers guidance interviews with Careers Adviser throughout the year

- Virtual work experience opportunities, careers opportunities, Open evenings, webinars and competition promoted on the online noticeboard platform weekly.

- Career of the week displayed by careers office for students to engage in and generate discussion.


This document is regularly reviewed and updated. Last review 09/11/2021