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Learning from Home
Remote Learning Provision: Information for Parents and Carers


  • Please read this 'Parent Information' pack for further guidance about what to do if your child has to work remotely from home.
  • Our expectations related to remote learning are available here.
  • Further guidance on how use Show My Homework is available here.
  • For further guidance on how to access Microsoft Teams, please click here.

MS Teams/Office 365

Office 365 if available free of charge to all Maricourt pupils. It can be downloaded onto home computers/tablets or used online via a web browser.

You can sign in to MS Teams/Office 365 here.

Your Office 365 username is your school login name followed by @maricourt.net.
(eg user jonesa has the Office 365 login jonesa@maricourt.net) and your password is the same as your school password.

Show My Homework

How to access Show My Homework:

Quick Guide


Century is an online learning platform focussing on English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It utilises AI to personalise learning, focussing on improving areas of weakness and stretching strengths. It uses diagnostics and these simple tests tell Century what a pupil knows. Some questions will be too easy, some too hard - this is how century learns about individual pupils, so we just ask pupils to try their best.


Once diagnostics have be completed, the study pathway will recommend certain lessons to be completed. These will include a video and flash cards followed by questions. Some lessons can be completed in 10min, others may take 25min. Pupils are encouraged to take their time, read the information and try to complete the questions. The programme is bespoke to your child and the more tasks that are completed the better the AI is able to provide the correct level of support and challenge. The link to this can also be found on our website.


A guide for students - logging in to the VLE

Seneca Learning


Resources for students who have English as an alternative language


Amazon has cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, an incredible collection of stories can be instantly streamed, including titles across 6 different languages .


Reading Suggestions

Classics and Cake

I Can, I Am - Coronavirus Resilience Programme

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